Wednesday, March 17, 2021

2021 NF Fest Prize Winners

Our 2021 NF Fest prize winners have been randomly computer-selected. They are: Mary Warth, Lauri Warchol, Mona Pease, Manju Howard, Judy Shemtob, Katie Fischer, Sherri Rivers, Gail Hartman, Roberta Gibson, Catherine Lee, Julie Rubini, Susan Korchak, Mary Cronin, Sue Leopold, Sarah Lynne John, Laura Perdew, Sue Heavenrich, Cindy Hundley, Donna Martin, Traci Huahn, and Nicki Jacobsmeyer.  
Thank you again to our generous guest bloggers!

Monday, March 1, 2021



Did you do it? Did you persevere through 28 days of reading, writing, and taking action? Were you educated, inspired, and supported? It was not easy!

We sure hope you did. If you read every post and completed at least 20 activities, you may take the NF Fest Pledge:

         I did it! I completed at least 20 activities. I read every post.

If you registered before Feb. 1, simply add “I did it” to the comments below. INCLUDE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME. This makes you eligible for our random prize drawing.

Now you can add the winner badge to your social media!

IF YOU DIDN’T FINISH, no worries. Take your time. Award yourself the winner badge whenever you do manage to complete everything.

To sustain you until next year’s NF Fest, here are three suggestions:

1.     Participate in the NF Fest Facebook group. (NFFest)

2.     Read the posts from NF Fest 2020.

3.     Keep reading children’s nonfiction and write, write, write!

Prize winners will be announced by the middle of March. We hope you will complete the evaluation form you will receive soon in your email. That’s how we can make NF Fest 2021 even better.