About NF Fest

NF Fest, organized by the Nonfiction Chicks in February, is a month-long crash course in writing nonfiction for children. Participants will learn the craft from 28+ authors and illustrators through daily posts. Daily activities will get you writing and researching in small steps. It's all free, and there will be prizes!

Join our NF Fest Facebook community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/NFFest/ for updates and discussion. You can also sign up for email notifications in the sidebar of this blog so you don't miss a post. We hope you'll join us in 2021 for this fun and educational event!

This year's bloggers will include:

Melissa Stewart
Meredith Davis
Suzanne Slade
Doug Wechsler
Pat Miller
Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Jen Swanson
Candace Fleming
Carole Boston Weatherford
Laura Purdie Salas
Miranda Paul
Peggy Thomas
Heather Montgomery
Soyeon Kim
Kate Messner
Barb Rosenstock
Rita Hubbard
Christina Soontornvat
Stephanie Bearce
Silvia Lopez
Baptiste Paul
Meilo So
Laura Backes
Michelle Cusolito
Andrea Wang
Nancy Churnin
J. P. Miller
Kathleen Krull
Vicki Cobb
Kelly Starling Lyons
Meghan McCarthy


  1. How do I sign up to receive emails?

  2. There should be a box in the sidebar of this blog, at the right.

    1. thanks...I could see it on my laptop but not my phone for some reason. I entered my email address and got the confirmation email in return. Looking forward to reading the posts.

  3. Hi. I am just on my phone and there is no sidebar that i can see to sign up for this and receive emails. Help!

    1. Hi, if you scroll down on the home page and click on 'view web version' you should be able to see the sidebar. Hope this helps!

  4. Not sure if I actually registered. I got the first two blog posts by email but not today's. Is there a way to check?

  5. How did I not know about this fabulous group????

  6. Ditto Tara Cerven's questions. Are the daily prizes offered by bloggers chosen from the comments?