Friday, January 7, 2022

Get a Fresh Start On Nonfiction

There it is! A fresh year—2022. Did you resolve to put more attention into your writing? We can help. Join in February’s NF Fest 2022.

This is the third year that NF Fest will inspire, educate, and support you. For 28 days, a writer or illustrator will post. You will get up close to Melissa Stewart’s revision journey for a recent book. Teresa Robeson and Kirsten Larson will talk to you about writing graphic nonfiction.  Anita Sanchez will help you know when it’s time to quit on a project, and Sarah Albee will help you find a focus in the midst of your reams of research. Look for posts from Beth Anderson, Duncan Tonatiuh, Paula Yoo, Doreen Rappaport, and many more.

And it is all free! But it’s also a challenge!

The challenge of NF Fest is to read at least 20 of the posts and complete 20 of the suggested activities. You will pledge that you’ve done so at the beginning of March. 
Prizes will be awarded in a random drawing of those completing the challenge. You are encouraged to comment on the posts, but it isn’t necessary.

No registration is necessary. Simply show up to on February 1 to get started. Read the posts and complete at least 20 of the activities suggested in the posts. At the end, on the honor system, you’ll be asked to comment if you have met the challenge.

Stick with NF Fest and you will surely find yourself back on track with your nonfiction writing. For more companionship and advice, all posts from NF Fest 2020 and NF Fest 2021 are archived below in the sidebar to help while you wait.

We even have a badge to show your commitment to all your friends on social media! 

Good luck!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

NF FEST 2022

 Another month of writing advice and encouragement is coming your way soon. 

The NF Chicks have been working hard to bring you new voices and the most up-to-date information about writing nonfiction for children. Whether you're interested in writing picture books, young adult or graphic novels, we've got you covered. Are you an artist? We have more illustrators than ever before who will show you their creative processes. 

So, mark your calendar for February 1st, buy a new notebook, and sharpen your pencils for NF FEST 2022.