Wednesday, July 5, 2023



Are you ready for the first EVER Nonfiction Ninja Writing contest?
We sure are!

The Ninjas are excited to read your stories! We know our readers are the smartest, most creative writers on the internet. Reading these entries is going to be fun!

And even more fun will be working with our mentees.

Six talented writers will win a three-month mentorship with a Nonfiction Ninja. You can use those three months any way you want. Perfecting manuscripts for submission or career consulting. We will be at your disposal. Our goal is to help writers move forward in their careers.

One grand prize winner will move to the head of the submission line with Storm Literary Agent Lisa Amstutz.

All winners will receive a written critique of their manuscript.

YOU could be one of the winners!

The rules are simple
1. Submit a NONFICTION Picture Book of no more than 1,000 words.
2. It must be typed in Standard Manuscript Format
3. Send us a cover letter that includes your contact information and a brief bio. 
4. The manuscript should be attached as a word.doc. 
(This contest does NOT include informational fiction.)
5. Submission window is July 15 - August 1. No exceptions.

Also - please remember to follow us on social media!


  1. Any chance non-fiction poetry collections are accepted?

  2. This is an amazing opportunity!

  3. WOW. really wish i had more NF right about now. You guys are awesome. thanks so much for the opportunity.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I know we can't include back matter, but are illustration notes allowed?

    1. I'm wondering about art notes as well. Does anyone know?

    2. I decided to leave in the one or two that were necessary to understanding the story. I submitted yesterday so have my fingers crossed it will be okay.

  5. Just hit the send.

  6. Hello! Is is okay to include a pitch in the cover letter?

  7. Do we know when the winners will be announced?