Wednesday, March 2, 2022

You're A Winner!

Congratulations to the winners of the prize drawing! We have 16 sweet prizes from our amazing bloggers. May the prizes encourage your nonfiction journey.

If you are one of our lucky winners, please email us at no later than midnight Friday, Saturday March 5. If we do not hear from you, we will move on to the the next person on the prize list.

The winners are:

Julie Rubini  - an hour Zoom with Kirsten Larson that you can use for career coaching, an in-person critique, or just an “ask me anything” session.

Kelly O'Malley Cerra - A manuscript critique from Ann Ingalls.

Gail Hartman - 30 minute sky Q&A with Melissa Stewart.

Lisa Gaines - signed copy of Revolutionary Prudence Wright: Leading the Minute Women in the Fight for Independence by Beth Anderson.

Rhonda Roaring - signed copy of From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry: The Killing of Vincent Chin and the Trial that Galvanized the Asian American Movement by Paula Yoo.

Joyce Uglowone of the following: a critique of a full picture book manuscript, the first 10 pages of a longer manuscript, or critique of an introductory packet to an educational publisher—winner’s choice by Carol Kim.

Melissa Stoller - signed copy of Whooo Knew? The Truth About Owls by Annette Whipple.

Maria Marshall - signed copy of Fairy Tale Science by Sarah Albee.

Ruthie KirkChoose between a copy of Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers edited by Matt Gertler sent via or a half-hour ask-me-anything chat (phone or Zoom) Teresa Robeson.

Myra Faye Turner - signed copy of Our World: First Book of Geography by Sue Gallion.

Katie McEnaney - signed copy of The Vast Wonder of the World: Biologist Ernest Everett Just by Mélina Mangal 

Bettie Boswell - a 15 minute zoom session to help with research - Katherine House.

Kimberly Yavorski - a signed copy of VIP: Stacey Abrams – Voting Visionary by Andrea Loney 

Nicki Jacobsmeyer - PB critique or research brainstorm session to be used in the next 12 months with Anna Crowley Redding.

Amy Valore -Caplan - two titles sent by Abrams Books Diego Rivera and Funny Bones  (Jenny Choy) by Duncan Donatiuh.

Tonya Ann PemberThe Rise (and Falls) of Jackie Chan by Kristen Giang.

Congratulations to All!!


  1. Congratulations all. Lucky ducks!!!

  2. Thank you! I am grateful for this generous gift of expertise and valuable time. I sent my email with my choice. I cannot wait!

  3. Thanks! I missed a few posts. But the once I read were really helpful.

  4. These posts have been very helpful. It was a good month. Thank you again.

  5. I am so excited to win a signed copy of WHOOO KNEW: THE TRUTH ABOUT OWLS by Annette Whipple! Thank you so much and thanks for an excellent month of non-fiction fun! Congratulations to everyone!

  6. I am thrilled to have won a research brainstorm session with Anna! Thank you NF Chicks and Anna for your generosity!

  7. I wasn't able to complete this WONDERFUL NF FEST due to family health issues. However, I plan on going back through and reading EVERY post and trying EVERY challenge. I learned SO MUCH from the posts I was able to read so far. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who took the time to share their wisdom and to INSPIRE their fellow writers! And THANK YOU to the NF Chicks for the hard work they put in to making this such a FABULOUS FEST and FEAST! I HOPE you keep doing this! I'll DEFINITELY be back next year! THANK YOU for the INSPIRATION to KEEP ON WRITING ON!!!