Friday, January 15, 2021

Register now for NF Fest 2021!

No matter what stage you’re in as a nonfiction writer, you will be in a better place at the end of this February challenge!

Every day in February, a NF author or illustrator will inspire and instruct you in a facet of writing true. Every day for the next two weeks, you will see two of our faculty, two of their books, and the titles of their sessions. You will be so jazzed by the time we begin!

You are expected to read each post. Unlike like year, comments are totally optional and are not a requisite to winning a prize.

But reading isn’t writing, so you will also be expected to participate.

Each faculty member will end their post with a related activity you can choose to do. Or you can choose one from a list of 30 other activities that will grow your NF skills. You are expected to complete 20 of them (or more).

If you:

1. register between Jan 15-31 at (add the badge in the sidebar to your social media if you like),
2. read each post,
3. complete 20 activities or more,
4. and sign a month’s end pledge of completion,

then you will also be eligible for a bunch of prizes. And it is ALL free!

So, sign up today and get your writing space organized! To register, just fill out the form in the sidebar to the right. If you can't see it on a phone or tablet, try a desktop computer. If you get a message saying you're already signed up from last year, you're good to go.

It’s going to be a fabulous NF February. Optionally, you can also join our private Facebook group (, which is active all year.

All posts from NF Fest 2020 are archived here to help while you wait. During registration, we will post daily a pair of upcoming faculty members and their topics. It’s going to be an exciting preview of NF Fest 2020. See you in February!


  1. Hi. Tried to sign up but it says I am already on the list. Just making sure I am registered.


    Sloane Jacobs

  2. If you were on our mailing list before, you're good to go!

  3. I received the same message Sloane so I'm glad you asked.
    The posts were terrific last year and I didn't want to miss out this year!

  4. Ready for another fabulous year! Thank you :)

  5. Hi! I am new this year, but when I click on the link to register, nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong?

    1. If you email us at with your first and last name, we can check if it went through.

  6. Thanks for doing this! I'm excited to get started.

  7. I think it worked.
    Said I was already signed up
    from last year?)

    1. Ah, now I saw the new post which explains this.
      Looking forward to this year.

  8. Looking forward to a great writing year!

  9. Looking forward to this challenge 😊

  10. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. A friend just told me about it.