Monday, October 7, 2019

Coming soon!

If you write picture books, you have the StoryStorm online challenge. Poetry writers have NaNoPoWriMo and novelists have NaNoWriMo. But until now, there was NO online monthly challenge for nonfiction writers. 

Which leads to my big news! The seven Nonfiction Chicks have remedied this oversight. Starting in 2020, there will be NF Fest, an online challenge for nonfiction writers for kids! February has 29 days, an auspicious month in which to begin NF Fest! Daily author blog posts, prizes, activities! Stay tuned to learn more. It begins four months from today!

REGISTRATION is January 15 - 31. Much more info to come!

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  1. There definitely is! Take a few minutes now and think of three things that you have finished, anything that you have seen through to the end. Is there something in your past that you never thought you would ever manage to do, yet somehow you did it? Probably, in hindsight, you no longer think that it was anything major, nothing to boast about, but I would wage that before you saw it through to the end it seemed insurmountable. The fact remains that you did it. You did what you had to do and saw it through to the end. You did not procrastinate.   Author's Unite